Top Tips For Working From Home.

~ This is me, as a realtor, working from home, during April, in the time of COVID-19.

Working and my mind wanders to how much I miss people. Quite a strong desire to reconnect with all that influence me, improve my life and anyone that I care about. I decided its time to resume some normalcy and post new ways to work from home. I miss human interaction. I miss the energy, physical closeness, smiles, laughter, and sharing stories. We are not socially distant. This is wrong. We are physically unable to connect with each other. Not for long though, it seems that we are getting back on track! Life goes on. We are getting through this and resume the joy of being human once again.

Our real estate market is holding up. Prices are not going down, interestingly enough. People need to sell, move, buy and move on with their future. We, as realtors, are still able to practice under extreme caution here in Florida. Every day, there is a change in CDC rules and we adapt to it. We mostly connect virtually to fellow professionals and clients. I took so many learning classes about real estate that I could never do before. My knowledge expanded quite a lot. I brushed up on all my electronic skills, apps and processes. Although, I think I am overdosing on seeing people waving to each other through the screens. No, it’s not the same, as being physically present. Sometimes, I do seek privacy and solitude from all the nonstop interaction with different home professionals, but right now, I think the screen reality is over the top. I am dreaming of the country reopening. When it will be safe again, the first thing I will do is jump in our Tampa Bay warm ocean waters and visit some local restaurants and order food. May be french fries – my favorite treat. Maybe ice cream. Shopping is fun too. I just can’t wait to go out there and see crowds of people. Finally. I will never take for granted close contact among people again.

What will you do first after we are all able to resume our regular life pattern? Please share with me. So curious. We are all so different and interesting. I can’t wait to hear about your wishes.



Friends, set your thoughts to vibrate high with positive emotions and this goodness will become your own reality.

Make it a very grounding, productive, healthy and safe day.

Until next time, dear friends.


Photographs listed here belong to Luda


10 thoughts on “Top Tips For Working From Home.

  1. French fries and ice cream together! I’ve been known to get an ice cream cone and an order of fries! What you plan to do with the COVID days are over sounds wonderful. My friend has a house on the market in the Denver area and the agent is only allowed to do virtual tours. Even though the house is vacant the Colorado realtor association said no live tours – that’s rough. Not sure I would buy a house I cannot walk into before putting an offer on! Those are great tips you shared 🙂

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    1. That is madness, really. I advise that too-clients just have to feel the ambiance and parameters that is tough to see via the walk through video. The video is a nice option, but getting into buyes shoes, how in the world can you touch, feel, sense, see… etc without energetic contact? Well. I hope all this will end sooner than later. Glad we share the same love for side foods 🙂

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  2. That really sounds frustrating for you, Luda. You are a very outgoing person. I’m mostly home anyway, so not a huge change. I do miss meeting (and hugging) friends in person. I also miss the occasional dining out (so I don’t have to cook!). Yes a milkshake and French fries would be a very delightful snack!

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  3. I am ready for a return to normal too, but our local official says he won’t even talk about reopening until the middle of May, four weeks away. Not exactly sure what he means my waiting to talk about it, but there you are. But the first thing I’m going to do when the restrictions are lifted is go somewhere…anywhere! I’ve been longing to just get in my car and go!

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