Buying Home, From Home.

~ This is me, as a realtor, in the time of COVID-19. I decided its time to resume some normalcy and post new and safe ways for the home buying process. I miss people. I miss the interaction and physical closeness. We are not socially distant. This is wrong. We are physically unable to connect with each other. Not for long though. Stay healthy. Boost your metabolism and we will get on track! Life goes on. We will get through this and resume the joy of being human once again.

Interesting, that the market is still active. People need to sell, move, buy and move on with their future. We, as realtors, are still able to practice under extreme caution here in Florida. Every day, there is a change in CDC rules and we adapt to it. We mostly connect virtually to fellow professionals and clients. Everyone is holding up. Why? Because the human mind and body are brilliant. Believe in what our body can do for us and thank it for it service and gifts. Set your thoughts to vibrate hight with positive emotions and this goodness will become your own reality.


Full of Hope, light, and love.

Make it a very grounding, introspective, nutritious and safe day.

Until next time, dear friends.


Photographs listed here belong to Luda


9 thoughts on “Buying Home, From Home.

  1. I actually bought a home without setting foot in it. I was unable to make multiple trips to where I needed to move (job), so my realtor there sent many photos, we had it inspected and I bought it. I loved that house, and a great neighborhood. I do not recommend buying a home like that, but it worked out very well.

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  2. Thank you Luda for yet again a positive, affirming post.
    Yes, hadn’t thought of it that way. We are not social distancing but making the most of other ways of meeting people & maybe we can foster a greater camaraderie than ever before.
    Happy Easter to you & yours ❤️🙏💐


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