House Vibes

~ Home is a sanctuary, a place of comfort and connection.


Right now, that ideal may be complicated by our new reality, no doubt we will get back to our lives and will restore order and balance.

Your own Home is also a place to find inspiration for your life at home — whether that’s a DIY project, starting a garden or just dreaming about what your future home could be. Thus, I renamed one of my blog pages to “YourHouse”.


I am grateful so many of you have invited my posts to be a part of your home journey, and I would love to be connected with you on the path forward. Because at the heart of PlantsandBeyond blog is home, this notion never has home been more important than right now.


Full disclosure: Last year has been a year of professional growth and transformation. I started a full-time Real Estate career since it is so pertinent to my love for all FLORIDA HOMES and had little to no time to concentrate on my little blog. Yes, I feel saddened not communicating with my blog friends more often, but the universe is making this connection definitely possible now.

qute mh

Putting my energy into rediscovering my friendships and writing more posts that might bring light and cheer to reader’s screens is what I am planning on doing consistently now.

lawn (1)

Thank you for sticking with me during the last year of my “silence” and even more importantly now. I hope to brighten your days with some inspiration to come and some stories from my daily house hunting.


Full of Hope, light, and love.

Make it a very grounding, introspective, nutritious and safe day.

Until next time, dear friends.


Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda




9 thoughts on “House Vibes

  1. As always love your post filled with beautiful photos to move the consciousness elsewhere. I suppose not many houses being viewed or sold at the moment. Wishing you many blessing and you are always remembered even though you do not post you are in our hearts. Happy to see you anytime.

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  2. Beautiful photos and I wish you were too busy to blog (as far as your real estate career) but happy you are connecting with your followers! Beautiful images – they made me smile. Yes I’ve been appreciating home a lot lately…

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    1. Thank you, dear Tierney for positive thoughts. We have to learn how to balance different tasks in life. I am terrible at balancing. I guess the universe is giving me no choice but to learn this technique. How have you been? How are you?

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  3. Loved the photos! And yes, blogging connections do help us through this time of social isolation, and so does caring for our homes, since we’re spending so much time there now. I look forward to more of your posts!


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