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Happy Halloween and upcoming weekend to All

~Tarantula Cacti. Isn’t this darling, fuzzy plant fun?


Tarantula cactus is a perfect plant for a beginning gardener, with ease of care and undemanding nature. In spring, the plant will yield salmon-colored flowers with rayed petals.

This variety of cactus makes an eye-catching display in a hanging planter. Along with the spiny hairs, it also produces spun white hairs that resemble cobwebs. The cactus may get as long as 3 feet per stem in its native habitat but will be smaller in the home situation.

Read more at Gardening Know How: Tarantula Cactus Plant: How To Grow Tarantula Cactus

Have a wonderful, colorful and full of surprises weekend, my dear friends.🌿

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27 thoughts on “Happy Halloween and upcoming weekend to All

      1. Well you can protect yourselves against the spines but I’d be afraid the arms will break off. That would be a shame, such a beautiful plant !!!!


      1. Things have been a bit busy, sometimes hectic-chaotic, but who doesn’t have those sorts of roller-coaster rides, especially the ones that turn upside down! 😄 Fun? Oh my, ALWAYS!!! Work hard, play hard. Hehehe 😈

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