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Why The Simplest Options Are Often The Best Ones

When we do anything in life, we like to add a little spice to it. We want to make the things we do make a lasting impression on our soul, nature or other humans. 


This absolutely applies to our houses and our gardens. When we see a fairly blank canvas, we have that desire to want to add lots of things to it and make it shine or make a mark on it as to leave a personal signature.  The question is how often do you see gardens that look overgrown, overplanted, need to be divided, spruced up and perhaps simply redone? Do you ever feel as the plants that have been planted together do not belong in the same ensemble? 


If you are quite the crafty person with bright design ideas or someone with a mind that is always on the go, then you might not be convinced about the simplicity. If so, here are a few reasons as to why going with this kind of garden could be a way better idea:   

You Will Avoid Clutter

No matter how thoughtful, elaborate and detailed the project is,  expect the clutter, dirt, and leftover vegetation left behind. Have you ever purchased so many plants varieties, that not all of them fit in your potted project or yard? The clutter, purchased items, tools, debris, and even extra flowers will remain near the project site, waiting to be placed in the right place. Oh, it happened to me and my newly purchased plants did not find its own place under the sun. They remained at the project site for a while, grew roots into the ground and found a way to survive, but not quite where my original ideas preplanned them to be.

Low Maintenance

With every garden, you have to diligently dedicate a bit of your own personal time to maintain it – that is a given. Although with a quiet and calm area, you only really have a chance to absorb the negative ions and simply enjoy the natural flow. There is no need to have to worry about the overwhelming amount of work that is put in the project. Simply stall, stay or sit, live in the moment, place your bare feet on the ground and just distress. 


It Gives Off A Fresh and Calm Feeling

When you think about sitting out in your back garden, you think about how blissful and calm the activity is. When there is a clear and uncomplicated area around you, then the feeling you get is mirrored. A simple garden, with a few shrubs and bushes, tucked away somewhere, and ornamental flowers as borders a lot quieter and calmer than any added extra vegetation.


Everyone Can Appreciate Simplicity  

As many people are there as many opinions you hear. Do what is right for your own soul. My recommendation is to start small. One potted flower arrangement at a time. When you feel confident, add on earth boxes and hanging arrangements. Put succulents on walls and add green space to your indoor living quarters. Enjoy your uncomplicated yard until you are ready to extend into the plethora of colors, textures, and smells. Save that idea for later, perhaps the next season 🙂

Have a wonderful week, my dear friends.


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28 thoughts on “Why The Simplest Options Are Often The Best Ones

      1. It is great, my Landlord is a good man nothing too much trouble and does his best. My new home is still a bit work in progress but the peace is amazing and I have been so exhausted with life. I prefer this to my own property.

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      1. You’re welcome and summer is going well! I trust you’re having a great one. 🙂


  1. Oh dear, I am one who hasn’t paid enough attention to plant combinations! Gardening is a long learning process, but luckily many mistakes are easily overcome.

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      1. Mostly, I go to nurseries with the idea of making a particular purchase and if I can’t find the plant I wanted I buy something else so I can scratch my ‘non- specific urge’. Then I have to find a spot in the garden to plant it and the result is, as you say, random. No self control in nurseries….my downfall!

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  2. Good to see you Luda, I’ve been quite organised with my yard this year, I planned to buy a couple of specific plants to add to it and I did, but then I also sprinkled some wildflower seeds in a couple of pots so I’m waiting for the surprise of what will flower.

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