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How To Get Your Garden Party Ready This Summer

~ Now that we are almost into the Summer months, you are probably thinking about how you can really get the most out of the warm season. You are not alone. After a long Winter spent mostly indoors, it is certainly exciting to get out and spend time outdoors.

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While enjoying social outings, sometimes, it’s just nice to be able to stay at home and make the most of the good weather instead. And this is where the idea of hosting a party can come in.  Here is how to ensure your yard is party ready.

Clean Off The Patio


The very first thing you need to do is to make sure that your patio area is neat and presentable. If you didn’t have a chance to spruce things up outside, then start with removing any dirt, dust, debris, clutter, and leaves. Then, give the patio or decking area a good scrub down or power washing. If this is something that you don’t want to do yourself, there are plenty of companies that can take it on for you.

Look After Your Lawn

Next, ensure that the view is welcoming and appealing. If you know that your lawn is a looking a little run down this spring, then now is the time to nurture it. Think about aerating your lawn and giving it some much-needed care. If you know that it’s beyond saving, speak to your landscaper about laying down some new grass just to get it back into shape. This is often a great idea if you do want to host parties on the lawn.

Update Your Furniture


From here, you know that your outdoor furniture is kind of letting things down, then it’s time for an upgrade. Make sure it is clean, stable and functional. Decide which set would work best for your property. I know for a fact that I need pool furniture lounges but still did not get any. Not sure why I am stalling, but the pool party would greatly benefit from some additional lounge chairs.

Add Extra Accessories


Your next move is to accessorize. And this is where things really start to come together. Do some research into alfresco dining design style and see what kind of features you love the most. From candles and lighting to fire and cushions and blankets, there’s a lot that you can add in to give the space some atmosphere and really style it out. My favorite way is to add fresh flowers or pine needles centerpiece. 

Create A Focus Feature


Finally, creating a central point in the garden, patio or backyard will impress the guests and provide festive ambiance. Another idea would be a water feature fountain, striking statue or may be a separate tiered dessert table and iced down bar station that will add some depth to the design.


Hope this post would give you ideas for the near future.

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Have a sunny day, my friends!


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15 thoughts on “How To Get Your Garden Party Ready This Summer

  1. First off I want to come to your garden parties ::) Second these ideas will make not only you garden parties delightful. It makes it nice to enjoy the yard whether with guests, family, or just alone time. My yard is looking rough. My normally lush green grass is looking rough, rough, rough!

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      1. Im in nc on the coast. We are certainly suffering from lack of water but because of the lack of rain we are asked to conserve. I have rain barrels but they ran out of water weeks ago. We had no April showers this year. The grass didn’t fair well but those pretty little weeds will thrive, rain or no rain hahaha

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  2. I’d be thrilled to attend one of your garden parties – I bet it’d be gorgeous and magical. Been a long time since I felt that ambitious. Guess we’ll just have parties for two (four, counting the dogs) – if it ever stops snowing and raining!

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