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Time To Restore

~What is it you ask for when you look up into the sky?


Or do you just give thanks and gratitude for another day that universe provided for you?


Get outside, dear friends. Absorb Nature’s bounty and rebalance your spirits.

Vitamin G is waiting for you. Ground yourself and release all the unwanted energy.

Every sunset and evening is an opportunity to reset. Feel renewed and refreshed.

Hope you have a very serene evening, dear friends.


All photographs here belong to Luda


32 thoughts on “Time To Restore

  1. I forget to ask for anything when I look up at the sky because I usually get swept away with the wonder of how tiny I am in this universe and the world is so beautiful: clouds let my imagination run (is there life out there, etc); the moon, stars, sunrise and sunsets take my breathe away.

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    1. So beautifully reflected Mrs.Wayfarer. I love your description and than you for commenting. Hope the clouds will always be imagined as diff. shapes and images for you, for many many many years to come


  2. I don’t tend to ask anything-just try to soak everything up-the sounds, the moon, what the sky is doing and how it’s changing, the smell of night time…very calming and humbling!

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