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Garden Fence Options

When the sun is out, temperatures are on the rise and your pets need to be let out, having a house fence that keeps your family members safe and contained is invaluable. It is even more appreciated when unwanted visitors, such as coyotes, alligators, deer, bores and other unknown pets try to enter your own property.


Driving by different neighborhoods, I notice a variety of gardens and its man-made protection, such as different fencing. I keep wondering if I had to reinstall, fix or get all new fence options, what would it be? When such ideas were discussed with fellow avid gardeners, they all had different ideas about the preferred fence but gravitated to two choices below.


The Classic Grain Fence

One of the reasons why wooden fences are so prized not just because they are cheaper, but because you have a selection of different grains. For example, some grains can be from aged trees and therefore the natural age pattern looks splendid and more intricate. On the other hand, you can get wood from younger trees for a little naturally lighter shade but less of a beautiful pattern of aging. The younger wood might take a few extra coats of varnish than the older wood, but the shine and the smoothness will be more profound. It all depends on the kind of height, width, and thickness you’re looking for. Some garden might already have tall borders in the ground such as with bricks or natural berms. If you are looking for aged wood, even though the cost might be higher, but the look will appear classier. 

Aluminum Fence

There used to be a time when the majority of metal fences were bland and simple. Nowadays,  there is a multitude of options to choose from in decorative metal fence for your home and garden. Aluminum fence panels that have tall pointed bars seem to add regal appearance to anyone’s property and what I love the best is the protection from the outside unwanted visitors. It really depends on the kind of metal fence you’re looking for with regards to the size and design for your garden or home, but in my opinion, this type offers the most functionality to anyone’s property. 


Whichever choice you make regarding a metal or a wooden fence for your garden, both options are great. You can add trees, flowers, shrubs or bushes to your wooden fence to make it look to you desire while a metal fence already has a certain style, that might not need anymore dressing up.

Have a wonderfully green and creative day, my friends.




9 thoughts on “Garden Fence Options

  1. This is so important and specialised area of fencing to keep cats in as they find it all too easy to climb out. I like you various ideas and worth thinking about. Where I am living now I would choose the metal fence with the arrowheads on it to keep people out.

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