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Underestimating the need for a change of scenery, had me dig my heels on traveling for a very long time. Daily life and obligations can have one spinning in familiar routine over and over again, with human blinders on. Do this. Finish this. Accomplish this. Multiple tasks never end. This time, I literally, had to yank myself out of daily grind to experience stillness.


However, going to this particular weekend family getaway refreshed my mind, body, and spirit. Diversion from the ordinary literally made me do nothing. Not even site seeing. Stayed in the hotel and had a historic moment of taking on dreadful exercise again (because there was nothing pressing to complete). It has been tough to swallow a long decade of severe muscle stiffness (compliments of a rigorous childhood of Soviet daily gymnastics). Physical absurdity led to the point of rehearsed laughter when chiropractors or physical therapists gasp in disbelieve, every single time during their usual paid adjustments. I say it is quite uninventive on their part to be stunned every single time by the rigid and tight condition of my back. Although, most recent and an embarrassing personal event made me really unhappy: instantly pulled back muscles from just getting out of bed in the morning to wash. Ugh. Never imagined that happening to me, but it did. Thus. I figured something needs to be done, even if I despise it. Now I am back again in the gym saddle. Guess what, guys, it’s not as bad, as I perceived it. I literally felt nimble and even more alive than before, right after finishing a simple workout. Moreover, my kids decided to exercise too, which is a miracle all on its own. So we all went to the gym and started on our new daily movement routine. Crossing my fingers this new body shift notion will keep up.


Nevertheless, I am grateful for Naples for installing this sweaty shift into my family’s routine for better physical health and at the same time for clearing my own mind.

It seems that solutions to problems come from within. They arise within your own mind and heart. No matter who is recommending you to follow a certain advice, if it doesn’t resonate from the inner core, there is no use following it.


The Sunsets in Napes are beautiful and majestic. Decided to bathe in Nature’s splendor right from my balcony. Eyes and soul enjoyed the feast of Nature’s art show. It goes by quick and I almost felt the earth move during this spectacular display of colors.


Here is a little live view of the art display.

Wishing you a relaxed and fulfilling weekend, my dear friends๐Ÿ’ซ


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      1. Olympic!!! Even bigger WOW! I agree training for Olympics is gruelling and hard work. It requires a disciplined regime and sacrifices of normal life. Punishing on body indeed as gymnastics is really tough. You take care and hopefully with right physio and exercises you will not feel the repercussions of the past activities.

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  1. I am with you, Luda, in your thoughts about the need to break free every once in a while from the tedious daily routines. Listening to your inner voice is important. I am so glad to read that you found the time to enjoy those marvellous sunsets from the balcony in Naples. Have a great weekend.

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  2. We all need to get away every once in a while. I’m glad you did get to enjoy some time away from the daily grind and God’s grandeur on display is absolutely MAGNIFIQUE!! Have a great weekend, my friend. ๐Ÿ’™

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