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Happy Weekend To All

This yard made me stop and soak in the colors, sunshine, and beauty of flowers.



Have a wonderful and colorful weekend, my dear friends.🌿

All photographs belong to Luda

© 🌱


51 thoughts on “Happy Weekend To All

  1. Those flowers are so vibrant and full of life. It makes me wish we were just coming back into Sprint. It gets very gray and dreary where I live. That’s ok though. You have to appreciate the parts you don’t like to truly enjoy the parts you do like!

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  2. I love how you have disturbed my paradigm. Never been interested in flowers or gardens at all…never bothered apart from the science side of things…until I discovered your blog.

    Your pictures bring the settings to life and I see the art and expression with them.

    Truly a wonder of life.

    Keep doing you


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      1. Well I’m happy to have been of service.

        Happy to meet you too…and I appreciate the love you have also shown my posts.

        Positive connections…you can’t beat them!

        I enjoy having my mind opened and you have done that. ✌️❤️

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