Doggy Tea Party

“Where are the biscuits?” Their Daddy asked. I was laughing. πŸ˜†

styled dogs pict

Zoe got into my detox evening tea and slurped it happily when I stepped away. Then, older sister Daisy joined in. While we all smiled and giggled, sweet pooches got more wholesome treats.



Herbal tea is medicinal and natural, especially the one that detoxifies the liver.


No harm in treating our loved ones, with natural ingredients 🐾

Excuse my feet please, maybe that’s the funniest part of all πŸ˜‚

Hope your weekend will turn out fun and memorable, dear friends πŸ’—


All photographs belong to LudaΒ

© 🌱

43 thoughts on “Doggy Tea Party

  1. Looks like your dogs Luda are loving your tea and why not indeed… Loved the vids and pictures.. I watched a program on TV the other evening and a lady who bred chickens to help create a source of income in Morocco where her and her husband had chosen to live off the grid, who lived a basic life who came from America. They started to die with a disease, she remembered from somewhere that olive leaves when seeped in hot water and given as a tea would help. She gave it to the hens and they all started to thrive… Nature provides us with all we need..
    All we need to know is where to look.. πŸ™‚
    Great post Luda.. Much love my friend ❀

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    1. So sorry for the late reply, dear Sue. This was found in the spam folder. But what an amazing response. While I was reading, I just wanted to get off the grid, myself. Its an amazing info about olive leaves. Something to think about, even for us, humans. Very intriguing and interesting and perhaps, I should make the dogs drink the spruce infused water that is readily available outside. Hmmm. So fascinating. Now I am truly ignited into medicinal possibilities. Very grateful to you for sharing this knowledge.

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      1. So pleased you rescued me from Spam.. I end up in many peoples spam folders for some unknown reasons.. Maybe as I catch up on a massive scale and so the amount of comments I leave it registers me a spam.. Nature provides many remedies.. It was my intention to keep adding more Remedies on my Garden pages. But its finding the time.. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend.. I have our granddaughter today, so just hopped on to answer comments on my blog today.. Much love your way Luda.. Hugs Sue

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    1. Hi Cherish. No fat consumption til symptoms resolve. Highly recommend milk thistle and dandelion tea. Drink 3 cups per day. There are supplements as well. But I think tea is the most natural form of detox with faster absorption. I also love beet freshly squeezed juices-they nourish the liver. Hope this helps and thank you for asking!! Lots of hugs.

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      1. I’m away from home and not allowed to own a pet in the condo I am renting. Yes, love them so much. Even there’s a pinch, this still made my day. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚


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