A Dog’s Heart

dog's heart.jpg

A lover will give you a Kiss

A friend will give you a Hug

But a dog will give you his HEART.

Have a very loving day, filled with loyal and true friends.


All photographs belong to Luda

© 🌱

33 thoughts on “A Dog’s Heart

      1. Hi, Nanette. just read all your cat post.It’s quite fascinating what you can experience with cats.
        Never realize how spiritual and intuitive they are. Definitely will look into Cats from now on and perhaps they will be my next pet? Very intriguing and stop provoking to find out about their spiritual abilities and especially the healing power. I’m surprised it’s not more prevalent out there but I will definitely look into it. Thank you so much for sharing that knowledge with us. You were saying the dogs take energy this is also very interesting. how would I feel that?

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      2. I can feel it being pulled off. When I did self-healing I had a small dog and she would roll all over me on the energy. I had to push her off. I used to give her healing as and when she needed it but still she wanted more.

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      3. Wow – so very interesting – one of my dogs wants nonstop attn from me – it’s never enough . She vocalizes and rubs around me all the time. When she does this , no one is in a healing mode, but do you think she draws energy away during such times ?

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      4. This is beyond amazing. Dearest Nannette – thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, spiritual guidance and vision. So grateful to meet you and have your support. Moreover – to have your cleansing spiritual and aura post now to navigate through life- what a gift! So special to me and I am going to reread, and practice it right now.✨✨✨

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