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Drone Garden View

🌿 This backyard post is inspired by request. Also, its MGM – Monday Garden Minute time. 🕰

MGM idea came to me in a dream – Monday feature– a one-minute segment about what is cooking in the garden 🙂 🌱


This is a Drone view of my Florida Summer Garden. Due to our Climate, our growing seasons are reversed. Humidity, Heat and Rain season inspires disease and pests. 🦗


It is a savvy practice to close the garden to rest during the hot Summer months. The first year I tried to bend rules and plant no matter. Ughm, there were so many bugs and pests, mold, and overgrowth that I barely was able to cut back the climbing wines from the grass region. Needless to say, I have less to do in the garden, and more time to blog. It is a win-win for my passions 🙂 🏆


MGM – did it take less than 60 seconds to view the post?

I hope so 🙂

Enjoy and notice nature, friends, it is quite therapeutic.🖼


All photographs belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com except for the very first hand image


39 thoughts on “Drone Garden View

    1. Aaahhhh, thank you, Vero -Slugs? So easy to take care of. At least they are visible. Beer bottles help drown them. They are attracted to the scent. Also, my favorite – let’s say, my absolute favorite way to get rid of Slugs-used eggshells. Crush them fine with rolling pin in the plastic bag and then sprinkle all over the dirt. Ahhhmm, buy, buy slugs. Unfortunately, they get injured and have an amazing memory, they crawl away and do not come back! There is a good chemical product called Sluggo -that works very nicely as well. Let’s say they vanish after that, not to be too graphic.

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      1. I was born in Jacksonville and stayed there for 12 years before moving to Fort Lauderdale where I lived till about 11 months ago. We moved to Romania… I know… BIG move! 😉 Where are you?

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      2. Hubby is from here and this was a dream of ours for many years (since our 1st time visit here on our honeymoon). We finally made the move and LOVE it! 🙂

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      3. Wow, that’s impressive. So happy you Love it there! Once I passed it on a train going from Ukraine to Bulgaria 🙂 that is the extent of my Romanian visit. It must be so beautiful there.

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      4. Thank-you… it is… and I am sharing bits of it and other places nearby as I visit. Your beaches are priceless too! 😉

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  1. Beautiful shots, Luda! It did take less than a minute to view the post, but I couldn’t stop looking at the photos. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday to you!

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  2. Great and a unique perspective of your garden! It looks amazing and so weed-free. Or did you photo shop out the weeds! If it was just that simple! Less then a minute to review. I love it !!! Thanks for the MGM! Always look forward to it.

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