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Get Outside and Have Fun

Don’t waste your time waiting. Summer is here and before it’s gone, get out of your walls right now, catch shiny sunny rays, breath fresh air, catch the chirping bird songs, get grounded and make the most of the warmest season.


Plant Something


Adding some color to your garden is another great way to make it look more appealing. But, planting is a rewarding and gratifying experience that transports your soul, mind, body and elevates your spirits. It’s fantastic exercise, stretches muscles, lets you get in touch with nature and infuses you with some much-needed vitamin D. There is an abundance of this free vitamin and you absorb so much more of it in just 30 minutes by being outside. If you’ve got a small garden, don’t worry. By taking care of hanging baskets, wall climbers, small raised beds, and window boxes will provide the same gardening experience and benefits.



Add Some Fun

pool cover

After a long day of work or soaking the sun for too long, it sure is nice to jump in the pool or relax in the hot tub.  Not only it’s the outdoor space, where you still enjoy nature, but also where you can relax. We notice migrating birds, shiny stars, moon, airplanes, squirrels, bugs, and singing critters whenever we sit still and enjoy the quiet of the water tub. Having a hammock is nice as well, but my favorite way to enjoy the end of the summer day is in the sunshine-infused hot tub. Even kids and their friends enjoy the time spent together while swimming and splashing in the hot tub. So, add some fun to your outdoor space so that you want to be out there more. Even our dog playdates happily jump in the tub to cool off from all the playing and chasing. It was interesting to learn different options for Best Hot Tubs available since we moved in here. Never knew I am going to do so much research on each house item. As they say, live and learn.

Eat Outdoors


One of the great joys of summer is eating outdoors. Somehow everything seems to taste better. A barbeque is a wonderful addition to any outdoors. A picnic in your garden or just eating in a comfortable outdoor space reduces stress levels, boosts your mood, improvs concentration and promotes contact with the natural world.

outdoor grill

Go outside, have fun, get healed and soothed by nature, my dear friends!


Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com except for the Kale’s head in raised garden bed.


36 thoughts on “Get Outside and Have Fun

  1. Dear Luda,
    While noting your excellent advice for a healthy, outdoor lifestyle,
    at the moment, every time I go outside I am soon pursued by 5 hens!
    I don’t usually have a fear of birds, but this level of harassment is beginning to get to me.
    My wife says I mustn’t be a chicken.

    Your advice on how to wander around my garden unmolested will be appreciated.


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    1. Hahaha! Your wife has the best sense of humor ;))) “ mustn’t be a chicken “ so funny ! Your babies are my dream – although I got none – out Neighbours enjoy their beauty and cuteness , along with the colorful eggs every morning very much. They have them confined to a gorgeous natural setting with a water / Rock stream feature around the hen house, and there is a fence around and on top to protect from the hawks . May be that will work for you ? Dedicating their own area for them to roam without pecking at you , wouldn’t be a bad idea. Your yard is serene – there must be some corner where they can happily run on their own without getting in the way . Ok all this talk is going to persuade me to get my own chickens . Help !!!

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  2. Gardening in people’s mind is often associated with hard work. And so it is. But there are ways you mentioned to make gardening truly pleasant. Raised garden beds are easily managed and are a delight to work with. I would like to add to your great informative post that there is always too much of a good thing. Sunshine is important to get free vitamin D, but is also dangerous if we get too much of it. Have a great weekend, Luda!

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    1. Hi Peter. As always, I love reading all your intelligent and supportive thoughts. So wonderful to have nice friends here and I am so grateful we share the same passion for nature. You are so right, there is a concept of too much of a good thing. The best way to get natural and safe Vit D is in the early morning and late afternoon for about 30-45 min. Such exposure could be beneficial to anyone’s health. And Yes, not during the hot day heat. Thank you, again, for pointing that out. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Peter. Hope its relaxing and memorable.

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  3. Being outdoors is so therapeutic and in so many ways as you highlight. Physically with the exercise of planting and being in the sun and fresh air, mentally for the relaxation and feeling of being connected to nature and grounded…. so many benefits. My best memories of my grandparents were being outside at family BBQs and going out on their boat almost every summer weekend. Beautiful memories that make me smile to think about even now. The interesting thing is that just thinking about it, even though I’m not there, mentally elevates my mood and physically relaxes me. Point being is this: even if you can’t get outside to be in the sun or some beautiful garden due to circumstance, create that perfect place of the outdoors in your mind. Close your eyes and breath deeply….and go there. Really visit it with the focus of detail right down to the texture of the petals of the flowers in the garden and sounds of the waterfall, the feeling of the mist of the spray on your skin…..The feeling of well being and relaxation will surely follow…..minus the vitamin D, of course! Yet another great post with healthy advice.

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    1. I love this meditation idea, EWF. Your thoughts are so deep and clever – love this input and will certainly incorporate it in my own daily functioning – esp if it’s raining 😉 would love to see more ideas of yours – they are wonderful and so useful indeed!!! ✨🌿✨


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