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Wellness Open House🏡


Humbled and honored to meet wonderful open-minded people at the Natures Oak Wellness center open house event.🌳


Sunday afternoon flew by and the flow of evolved individuals reinforced my love for Nature and living Plants even deeper.🌷


Scientists, mothers, kids, couples, professionals were drawn to green space, scientific data and my never-ending green Plants and Beyond rambling.🌿🌿🌿


Considering this was my very first public gardening presentation, I felt elated to passionately share the Healing Plant knowledge with all visiting evolved souls. People wouldn’t leave the display table, looking through all the books, items, Plants and saturating all the nature’ss health facts I had to offer. It’s fascinating to me how prepared humanity is to get back to the millennial knowledge of sacred Nature for an optimal, balanced and vital living.🗝☯️☀️

Visitors asked if I present and teach Plants classes and when will they take place. Isn’t that quite a push to keep peddling forward with natures Plant’s bounty?📚


Grateful for such opportunity, the universe, Mother Earth, each friend and family that lovingly support and wish me well and Dr. Posada, Ph.D. – who assembled a mind forward team with the intention to help, heal and install knowledge into ever-evolving humans.🌎


Until next time, my dear supporting friends. You make me so very happy!🌺🌼🌸

Thank you for all your continuous support-it means so much to me!🙏🏼



35 thoughts on “Wellness Open House🏡

    1. Awwww, thank you, dear Garfield Hug and esp for all your support and involvement from the beginning of my blogging journey. Its so gratifying to see the encouragement of sweet people, like you


  1. People need to learn that healthy living involves being connected with Mother Nature’s healing power. I am sure your work with plants will go along way to accomplish this goal, Luda.

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  2. You’d be surprised at how many green thumbs and Earth people are out there Luda, more than you know. So many interesting things about trees and plants and all the secrets they contain that we still don’t know. I love it, so many medicines, herbs and healing ailments that comes from them and for you to teach others would be great! And I love the photos, they are wonderful, it seems like it was a success. I’m looking forward to knowing how your class goes. 😊

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      1. We’re out there😊. And I love your articles and your knowledge, you make it interesting. If you have any good tips getting rid of bees or gophers, let me know. 😁

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      2. So happy,J, sending you lots of hugs for making me feel so happy. Let see: Bees are soooooo beneficial to our Earth. Humanity can’t survive without them and the cell phone waves are killing them as it is. Hurricanes wipe them out. Are you sure you are seeing bees or wasps? Where are they predominantly? on your patio? Let me know pls. Look for their nests on the roof, attics, inside the wooden beams. Now gophers-believe it or not -they are eating ticks and all the unwanted critters. Hahaha, I hope I shed some positive light on all these “unwanted creatures “

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      3. Yeah, they are wasps because they build nest in dark places and under the patio decks. Some nest are under the stairs to the deck, it’s not bees.
        I didn’t know gophers were beneficial, they really seem to do a job on the lawn, that’s my issue.😬


  3. Sounds like you made a wonderful and well-received presentation. Kudos for all the hard work and preparation. It’s good to know there are people willing to step up and educate others about the importance of plants to the world and to well-being. 🤗

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    1. Hi Eilene. This is music to my ears and I am so thankful to get such nice support from you. Not all people are as generous as you are with positive reinforcement. I am truly grateful for your presence here.

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