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Chicken Poop Lip Balm

Are you as disgusted as I am?


Who would ever buy this and use it on their own lips?

Shopping at the local Hardware store for upcoming Planting project, I stood patiently in line waiting for the cashier. All of a sudden black and white counter display of lip balm caught my wondering glance. It stated: Chicken Poop Lip Balm for your chapped lips.


Forever, my lips get dry. As long as I remember, Chopstick lip balm came in handy in every pocket and now in every drawer and carrying bag. But would I use the Chicken Poop Lipstick on my own face to stop myself from licking?

When Russian kids nervously bit their nails, parents put bitter ointment on top to deter them from biting. That childhood Ointment, for some reason, looked dark green and I still don’t know why. All I remember that my friends complained it tasted quite bitter. Their fingernails were proclaiming loudly “Anxious Biters” with green nail polish, but my problem was chopped lips either by winter cold temperatures or my own biting habit.

My question to you, would you use this product Ever?

Mind boggling combination of effort, production, store display and possible obsolete totality. Better yet, this Chicken Poop could have served as potent compost instead…..

Frustratingly surprised….


Til next time,


All Photographs belong to Luda@PlantsandBeyond.com

63 thoughts on “Chicken Poop Lip Balm

  1. Would I use this product ever?

    YES! Or at least have some stowed away in carefully planed locations! Here’s why… and it is a perfectly GOOD reason for me and my life! LOL

    When you have a particular person — male or female — that you know if you were blunt, forward, and will hurt their crazy (yet temporary) feelings by telling them unequivocally Sorry, I’m just not into you. We have NO FUTURE whatsoever… then wear Chicken Poop Lip-balm 24/7 until they can’t stand you any longer and flee the country!!! 😚😁💋💋💋

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      1. Lol- still laughing . Glad to hear so 😉 PT , your posts certainly ignite stagnant, unused grey matter reservoirs, along with healthy curiosity . Hope one day we will find out what you really teach🎓Must be so much fun to attend your intellectually filled lectures.📖🎩📝

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  2. Well, it does say in the fine print that it ‘Contains No Poop!’ so it seems just a twisted marketing ploy, banking on people’s sense of the perverse to buy the stuff. Personally, I think I would have come up with a different marketing strategy!

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  3. The Answer is a very BIG NO!… Why on earth would someone want to have a sales pitch that mentioned poop.. Beats me..
    How are you Luda.. Lovely to catch this post as I catch up today.. as I stay dug in my reader.. xxx
    Best wishes your way my friend xx

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      1. Yes, the allotment is put to bed Luda, though I may post a few pictures on my Garden blog of my travels soon.. Just so busy with the Christmas preparations and family .. All good though.. Sending love xxx ❤

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  4. It’s actually good stuff! The founder’s grandpa used to tell her to keep from licking her lips and getting them chapped, to put chicken poop on ‘em to keep from licking them! As a novel idea and an odd tribute to her grandpa, she named her line Chicken Poop, and the rest is history. 🐔

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