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Happy Birthday Surprise


Edible Planter is most creative, edible and living Birthday Present. This husband is a lucky man to get this thoughtful surprise present from his loving wife.


A birthday….Of her husband….and her creative surprise idea impressed me to the core. Working with plants is an utmost thrilling time of my day, but an idea of helping out the community and improving their lives with organic planting advice is the same as aligning my self with my higher purpose.


After meeting an amazing lady, who is practicing organic living and very mindful of how clean her family is functioning, it warms my heart to know there are other people that share same principles and believes of plant-based living. It is so nice to see the support of our local community in making better food choices and teaching their own kids to lead conscious existence.


Client husband’s birthday was coming and she wanted to build him a raised bed vegetable garden. After evaluating the backyard, environmental needs and their prior experience with plants, it became clear that such ambitious project might actually deter this family from daily plant care. By all means, everyone should have their own backyard garden, but first, I advice to start small. Once you get a taste of what is involved and you still have the desire, time and love for this project, then please let’s develop a bigger area to grow your plants in.

Rosemary smelled divine

For me, no yard is big enough to grow vegetables. I just get greedy-give me more space to plant, more, more, more…But for people that have limited experience, it is only rational to take baby planting steps and experiment first.


What we came up with is the rustic cedar planter to start with. No chemicals will be leaching into the soil and the cedar smell will deter the bugs away. The plants were selected for initial easy maintenance and overall patio appeal. If the husband loves the backyard edible daily care process then we will proceed to raised beds installation.


My set back: not all organic farmers had veggies that I wanted at the time. Some farmers were too sick with fevers to see me, as a customer… The only edible organic plants that I could get were parsley, sage, mint, edible flowers, lettuce, broccoli, and rosemary.


I also got the rare New Zealand spinach and edible cantaloupe seedlings that I was so excited to plant, but realized at the very end that the roots were grown hydroponically, and not planted in soil. Gosh, that was mind puzzling and made me contemplate on how to move on at the time of planting. Simply decided to leave the trays of this seedlings for the client to enjoy as instant cut salad food 🙂 Spinach will regrow and it would be curious to observe if any critters will aim at that food for future raised bed plantings.

New Zealand Spinach and Cantelop seedlings

Empty sad planters that I noted upon the first visit are filled with edible flowers and herbs. They look like they were brought back to life 🙂


After receiving the “Thank you” text from the client saying that her Husband loved his birthday gift and was very touched, I might add that my historic Sunday was just marvelous, full of Edible Planting and surprises.

How was yours?

Until next time,




Planter assembled and ready to go



All photographs belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com


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