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Passion for Purple Flower Planter

IMG_0785Lately, I am just driven to make container flower arrangements at all cost. The OCD feeling of creating beauty out of nothing is new to me and very welcomed.

Waking up groggy, unsure of what task to jump to next, I decided that planting a front house planter would be more beneficial than anything else on the task list.


Living in Florida, the heat-tolerant plants are the way to go. Sun and humidity is a constant factor so shopping for attractive foliage is not an easy process. Lots of plants are inviting and beautiful, but considering Fall season and Sub-tropical climate, only highly adaptive variations to particularly zone 9 (a/b) would work.

Purple is my favorite color, thus, the plants gathered here were selected mostly for this reason. Red fountain grass added height, (although it looks more purple to me). Really wanted to purchase bigger, maturer, and taller Grass option, but with the existing container, it would occupy the whole space. That is why I settled for younger, shorter, but still a cute specimen.


Mexican Heather is a perennial and worked well with my color scheme. Also, I like the idea of it coming back every year, instead of being just seasonal.

New favorite flower of mine, Lantana, added a stroke of yellow color. It is also medicinal and I intent on harvesting leaves to brew herbal teas. The Internet states its poisonous, but herbalists disagree. Supposedly, it heals skin ailments and of course, more research is needed, but for now, the idea of using plants, as medicine sounds very exciting to me.



Creeping Jenny vine was rescued from the local nursery. Owner stated it’s coming back, although it looked a little under the weather. I think it will come back under the right conditions. Interesting, that after scavenging 6 different nurseries, only 1 had this common vine. I gravitate towards its particular lime green color and graceful spilling over effect to add variation to this arrangement.

My container was transported from out of state with us, during the move and was placidly occupying space in between shrubs, upside down. Finally, it’s being put to proper decorative use. The stand under seems to work well as a pedestal, adding much-needed height.


Things I learned during the planting process:

  • Line with plastic the space under your planter to minimize the dirt spill over.
  • Listening to your favorite music while planting does feel as a fun workout.
  •  Something got into my eye in the middle of the arrangement-had to work right through it. Both hands were dirty to help my irritated eye. For my own sidenote-expect such instances or wear protective eye gear.
  • Anticipate great sense of accomplishment followed by joy. Groggy no more, but ready to move on to next household assignments.
  • Be patient, clean the dirt under before watering. I got ahead of myself, by watering first and that created a wet mass underneath the planter.
  • Nature, plants, gardening is indeed a healing process. Wouldn’t live without it.



Inspired and happy to resume life again.

Until next time,


All photographs belong to Luda


33 thoughts on “Passion for Purple Flower Planter

  1. I knew that you were going to make a great post. If I’ll have a garden or a place to grow plants I have a pretty good idea what to do .

    I’ve written a post today to let you know a little more about me

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  2. Oh, Pragalbha! Thank you for making my Sunday so special. If you can create such beautiful poetry, then, of course, planting should be a walk in the park for you. I always suggest starting small. One plant at a time. Let me know what exactly you would like to grow and we can go from there. I promise the planting activity is really gratifying and a part of creative process.


  3. Just wondering…. you liked a post ​”My faith doesn’t prevent me from being what I want to be” so did you forget that I wear skirts?


  4. I love the look of this pot! I am always afraid to put too many in one small space then end up with gaps, as nothing ever fills in the way I think it should. How dare these live organisms grow the way they want to 🙂
    I will have to try more of your combinations in the future, thanks for sharing this one!

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  5. Oh my Goodness, thank you for this wonderful comment, DTills.You made my day. Yes, pack them in. I feel as if arranging (or planting), it’s best to maximize the space. Thank you so much for stopping by and have a great afternoon.


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