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Chicken Bone Slayer, Puppy Zoe.


My precious Zoe, please survive.


At a regular and not so eventful family dinner, my child had a rare treat from his Grandma-Chicken Legs. Now that we turned to Plant Based Lifestyle, meat is a rare occasion in this household.

He placed an eaten chicken bone next to his plate on a napkin and in a split second, my third fur baby jumped up and engulfed the whole entire thing! I couldn’t believe my eyes. At that point, really thought my imagination got the best of me and that really didn’t happen. If I tried to swallow the whole bone, I wouldn’t be able to do so.  However, this puppy just did. Stunned, my boy confirmed this potentially disastrous reality as we stood in shock.IMG_0005

I called the Vet and he created a panic scenario of perforated bowels, damaged spleen, gastritis, bleeding and pieces of bones possibly lodged in Zoe’s bowels. Needless to say, my night was spent in sleepless, anxious agony. Being attentive to every noise outside of bedroom, made me just toss and turn.

Reflecting on my distant childhood doggy that grazed on chicken bones in Soviet Russia and lived in health up to 15 years of age, I thought to continue observing. In the evening, for the first time Zoe vomited all her dinner food.


Searching internet frantically for signs and symptoms of intestinal blockage in dogs, all the Veterinarian warnings were pounding in my brains. Feeling guilty not taking her right away to the clinic made it worse. Next morning, she was evaluated at 7:15 am. $375 later, x-ray showed NO BONE.  Apparently, its either dissolved or passed out by that time. I was offered to administer a Barium study to her to see if there are any bone pieces lodged in her stomach and keep her in the Vet Clinic for half a day.

My instinct whispered to take her home. If she feels uncomfortable again, then, at least she will be loved in the house and taken to the hospital later….

She was just fine and was her happy, energetic self once again.



  1. The old urban knowledge that dogs heal faster than humans is true. Certainly, I will not have any more meat substances in the house; not only it’s bad for human systems, but dangerous for house pets.
  2. The Internet is double edge sword. If you are looking for drama, adrenalin rush and the heightened sense of awareness, please do surf the web for medical information and get excited. Next time in need, I will shut down all electronics and simply call my Mom.
  3. When I told her what ominous day I had with my poor puppy, she told me to stop creating problems.  Mom told me that my dog had a great time enjoying her treat, while I was concentrating on the wrong daily dilemmas. Nothing like sobering, clear and real Matriarchal advice  🙂

I am just so happy the last week is history and we all move on with life. Instead of surgeries, huge medical bills and agony, we are showered with smelly canine kisses, growling noises, aerial jumps, unconditional love and of course, hair in our butter. I would not be caught without this daily condiment.




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18 thoughts on “Chicken Bone Slayer, Puppy Zoe.

  1. Glad everything is ok! Yeah, I try to avoid the internet when I think something is wrong with me. It always gives the worst scenarios. Which causes so much anxiety!

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  2. What a strange story ! Let me get this strait : Your puppy swallowed a whole bone in one bite, you worried, called the vet and spent an awful night being worried, am I right ? ok. but I don’t get it, why did you worry about a dog eating a bone in one bite ?

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    1. Sue, I don’t know if I am more worried when people are sick or when pets are. Since they can’t verbalize their needs, my heart goes out to them.. Thank you for stopping by and very nice to connect with you, as always.

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