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Turning The Garden Into The Social Heart Of The House🏡

🌿Gardening is a relaxing, fulfilling way to spend your time out in the rain or sunshine and give your home a little curb appeal. However, it is not for everyone. For those not interested in getting their thumbs green, the potential garden space can feel a little underused. It’s time to put an end to that, by making the social and cozy landscape of your home.🏡


Keep it comfortable


The right selection of garden furniture is crucial to make it a welcoming spot for your guests. When choosing the right seats, tables, stools, lounge chairs and more, make sure you have spacing and seating plan laid out. You don’t want people to be crushed in together too tightly, nor do you want them so spaced out that conversation becomes a shouting match. When choosing furniture, make sure that you’re looking for durable materials that can stand the wear-and-tear of outdoorGet Outside and Have Fun environments, as well. That is paramount for the furniture’s maintenance and durability under various weather conditions.

Keep it warm and cozy


Gardens are best for socializing when the sun is in the sky but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon it as soon as the sun sets or there are some clouds in the sky. The right lighting and heating options can keep it comfortable so long as it isn’t gushing with rain. A firepit can serve as the cozy center of your social space while providing plenty of heat to the gathered guests. Think about installing lantern lighting on the wall surrounding the patio or decking, as well, to make sure that visibility is never an issue.🔥

Keep it clean


Nothing is maintenance free. You can invest in hardy patio stones and reliable garden furniture, but everything needs a little care to ensure that it not only stands up against the weather but that it looks clean and aesthetically pretty. A little weed or moss here and there might not be the end of the world for a patio, but it makes it look a little dingy and even dirty. Take the time to maintain your patio, decking, and furniture for a refreshed, neat and well taken care of property appearance.

Keep it green


Though the backyard’s party space is most often designed as a man-made patio or deck style, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give it the green appeal that makes the gardening so attractive in the first place. The designated outside guest space doesn’t have to have an obvious separation from your plant-life. Look at vertical gardening, pots, containers, planter boxes and other ways of decorating your space with plants that still give it that natural appeal without difficult maintenance. Such transition helps integrate the two outside spaces much more smoothly.

Creating a social hub in your garden, patio, backyard or lanai will help you make use of space that might otherwise be unutilized. It is also a nice suggestion for those that like to host gatherings and parties but don’t have the most spacious interior.


Have a wonderful week, my dear friends.


Photographs listed here do not belong to Luda @PlantsandBeyond.com except for my very own vertical garden creation 🙂


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