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Florida Snow

~ Downey Jasmine is the closest we get to white snow in Florida State.


There are about 200 species of jasmines which are all native to the Old World. Downy Jasmine, which is native to India, is a type of evergreen, branching vine that can be shaped as a shrub.


It is a popular landscape plant all around the world and is often used in foundation plantings, hedges, borders, or mass plantings.


If allowed to sprawl, the vine will cascade down walls or over fences.


If allowed to sprawl, the vine will cascade down walls or over fences. The fast-growing plant can grow 5-10 feet in height as well as width and does well in full sun to partial shade. It is also moderately drought tolerant.


Have a magical day, my friends.๐Ÿ–ผ


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41 thoughts on “Florida Snow

  1. Great post on more garden idea! Could the jasmine plant serve as a hedge? You described it as a plant with a prolific growth pattern, Luda. I wonder whether it could be grown successfully in more northern climes.

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      1. They are probably called something different in certain areas, but they like to stick to animals with fur (can potentially cause huge vet bills) love to make holeโ€™s in our clothes and socks and re-seed like itโ€™s going out of style!
        P.s Thanks for the love!

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