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What Was Your First Plant Ever?

~ Forever grateful to the very first house African Violet potted plant on my bedroom’s windowsill. The simple addition of green, velvety leaves and purple flowers soared my heart and spirits as a child. That live addition of another living being in my bedroom prompted further planting and care for plants.


It must have been in elementary school when the obsession with violets took over our apartment’s windowsills.


Here is a secret I never told anyone yet. Oh gosh, here I go…In my very limited spare time from gymnastics and schooling, might have been Sundays, I would walk under people’s windows in search of unwanted discarded plant leaves. The neighbors would throw away overgrown leafage away via window portals. The extra plant leaves would land on the sidewalks, and here I was picking them up. Sometimes, I would look up to imagine where they landed from and people were looking right back at me. Then, I would run away, embarrassed. Really, in my inner world, I was considering this as finding treasures. Rooting them was not an issue at all and in no time, one leaf would multiply in so many.


There was a time when we did not have any more space for any more African violets. So I moved on to our balcony. Thank Goodness my parents never objected.

blossom-3702068_960_720Nowadays, IΒ figure it is a colorful and easily managed houseplant for anyone in their early gardening startup. These flowers also make a wonderful gift. Hint, hint. Lol.


Friends, what are your earliest memories of your first homegrown plants? I would love to know. Please share with me what was the initial plant that made you super happy.

Have a very green day, my dear friends.


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69 thoughts on “What Was Your First Plant Ever?

  1. You did get started early! I also love African violets, but my first try with one wasn’t very successful. I remember that my paternal grandmother won many prizes through her local Garden Club for her African violets. My first outdoor plants that grew well were rhubarb and day lilies, and I sometimes wonder if they’re still growing in that yard I left behind in Mio, Michigan. As for houseplants, a Christmas cactus that a student gave me in my first year of teaching kindergarten grew well and eventually evolved into many strong plants.

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  2. Never kept houseplants when we first lived in a flat, though a few years after we were married we ”inherited” a few cacti.
    However we were asked to look after a friends houseplant which turned out to be a beautiful specimen of marijuana!

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  3. I love the African Violet such a beautiful plant to adorn the home. The first plant I grew indoors were minature roses on my bedroom windowsill. Then an umbrella plant and a large cactus, a favourite cacti was the Easter Cactus and the flowers.

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  4. Such lovely flowers, plants and photos. I am hard-pressed to answer the question but it was probably my mother’s indoor plants that were my first. I used to pick bouquets outdoors and loved the smell of Lily of the Valley. Thanks for an enjoyable post.

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    1. Oh oh oh – that would be my favorite smell! Such gentle beauties/ wow , Maryanna – you brought me back to childhood memories πŸ™‚ and now I purchase lily of the valley soaps ;)πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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      1. How very lovely. My mother’s birthday month was May and her wedding corsage contained fresh gardenias, also one of my favorites. I use such soaps in my clothing drawers. Thanks for the lovely comments.

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      1. I’ve got a vine plant that has been going strong for nearly six years, now. The leaves are dark green, waxy & teardrop shaped. It’s beautiful, hardy and makes me smile.

        I still love Ivy even if won’t love me back. ☹

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  5. Boy I had plants around so much it’s hard to remember the first – but I think maybe a cactus when I was a little kid?? I also got a poinsettia when I was pretty little (I killed it pretty quick… 😦 ) Love the African violets πŸ™‚

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  6. Those flowers are beautiful! I think the first plant I really tried hard to grow was a watermelon. I planted several, but only one plant survived and it produced only one watermelon….which I picked before it was ripe!

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  7. My mother had a passion for African Violets and passed that on to me. I read somewhere that they love the calcium in eggshells which supposedly promotes blooms. I recently added some crushed eggshells to my plants’ soil to see if this makes any difference.

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  8. These are simply beautiful, and I love the story of you collecting leaves! I have not had african violets since my first house 23 years ago, and this post has made me determined to go by some more!

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  9. my first was an orange plant that I kept in my office. When I went on holiday the guys stuck a little kumquat on it and I came back ever so excited to see it was fruiting until I realised what they had done.

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  10. Beautiful! I can’t keep plants alive. Perhaps one day I will try again but I swear the commit suicide in the car on the way to my home! My mom’s green thumb did not reach me genetically.

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