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Let’s Talk Flowers And Gifts

~ Caring friendship, flower delivery and pure allure of the morning surprise will brighten anyone’s morning.


A sleepless night of compressed upper disk back pain, that I brought up all on my own left me in pure discomfort lying on the floor early in the morning. Turns out my extra vigorous arm presses in the gym pulled the old injured disc out and left me super uncomfortable, to say the least.


However, the door rang and my husband brought in the delivery saying: “This is for you, from the florist“. We were both surprised and had no idea who this was from, but were so touched to see our dear friend’s kind gesture illuminating my heart and mind. I was so happy to see the fresh flower arrangement inside the house, while my husband laughed: “But where are my flowers?” Lol, oh well.

The unexpected addition of the bright fresh colors made me reflect on the medicinal benefits of having flowers in your own house and its effects on health recovery. According to HortTechnology research: ” Patients in hospital rooms with plants and
flowers had significantly fewer intakes of postoperative analgesics, more positive physiological responses evidenced by lower systolic blood pressure and heart rate, lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue, and more positive feelings and higher satisfaction about their rooms when compared with patients in the control group”.

At work, people tend to focus faster, which in turn increases quality and accuracy in your project.  Memory retention increases by 20 percent and rebalance when people look at brightly colored foliage, but what is even more interesting to me is that when one is stressed, all you have to do is to visualize the green color in plants, which will act as a soothing gentle stimulant to feel all centered again. Moreover seeing indoor plants promote creativity (an increase of 45 percent), increase oxygen inside the building structure, wakes up the brain and accordingly, increase productivity by 40 percent. Window with nature, tree, sky or even grass peaking inside works wonders.

According to Texas agriculture and Medicine University, people who spend their time caring for nature are more likely to care for others. Caring for plants can help you increase compassion and improve your relationships. Isn’t that nice? You might just meet more like-minded people that share same flower passion as you. Master Gardening programs in each State’s county is a sure way to share your own experience and learn more scientific information on how to care for green friends of ours 🙂

Stanford study found that pictures of nature, desktop backgrounds of photos of green landscapes lowers blood pressure, and promotes relief of anxiety. I say, keeping any freshly potted plant on your desk, kitchen counter, windowsill or bedroom furniture will automatically reset your outlook on life throughout the day. My favorite suggestion is to adopt house succulents and orchids, especially for that nonchalant green plant purpose. They are easily maintained and provide various structure, texture for the touch, eye variety, blooming capability and clean the air at the very same time. As I write this, these plants sound better than rumba or any house help. They don’t stop working or take any brakes, but gently enrich your existence with their own presence.

Whether you live in a small apartment, or a large house, by introducing certain plants into your home, you will start to notice improvements to your health and overall happiness.

I love these colorful nature’s messengers. Somehow looking at them, a glimmer of hope ignites the thought that my back will heal itself sooner or later and if not, caring true friends are just around the corner.

Have a very bright day, my friends.


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45 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Flowers And Gifts

  1. Belated happy new year Luda, so sorry to hear about your back injury. I have just written a comment but somehow have lost it.
    Will definitely revisit with something more meaningful. This post also is quite meaningful to me thanks.
    Take care 🙂🌹❤️

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  2. Hi Luda,
    I am making the most of a lingering cold virus by not over committing and practising some self care (new words to my vocabulary aged 63 years) and it seems to be a good place to start 2019.
    Great to ‘touch base’ with you again 💐🌸🌿

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  3. Thanks Luda,
    Finally acting like a patient when required rather than the other way round but still learning.
    Have tried one chicken broth recipe I googled but not too keen. Have you any recommendations? Have you any particular preferences re vitamin c intake?


    1. Hmmm, I love chichen broth. It has a special protein molecule that fights viruses. (finally was established this century) But Vit C, if your kindeneys are functioning fine, take at least 1000mg per day with food, not to irritate the stomach lining.

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