Question for my dear WordPress Friends

What WordPress Theme do you like to use and why ❓❓❓  

Recently Upgraded my plan and able to use any one of the paid themes, but still can’t find the one I love. Looking for the happy, airy backgrounds.

Friends, please help me decide.

Thank you for all your valuable advice!

Grateful and looking forward to getting educated,



Birth of Venus
I just love this painting at Galleria Degli Uffizi, Florence. This is called “The birth of Venus by Botticelli.

Perhaps some fresh new theme will be birthed from all your input 🙂

49 thoughts on “Question for my dear WordPress Friends

      1. Unless you’re asking how to change, in that case go to settings, search for themes, click and then select the paid ones or just scroll to the ones you like

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  1. I like the uncluttered look of my blog. I am using the Photolia theme, which allows to work wirk with just one column (no side bars, which rob space from what is important: your post). I also like that you can put an attractive header image on top of the main page. Congratulations on moving up to premium!

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      1. Too much choice can be worse than too little choice. When I joined WordPress I plumped for the ‘twenty-ten’ theme, and it has served me well, I see no point in looking further afield.

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  2. I’ve not wandered around themes much. I picked one and have stuck with it for 5 years. I do change the header and background periodically.
    I love Botticelli. When I first saw ‘The Birth of Venus’ I was bowled over by its perfection and detail. No photo can do it justice. Sadly, it is now protected behind plexiglas which reflects glare and ruins the joy of looking upon it. Sign of the times. 😦

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    1. Hi Eliza. You are so correct – I was bummed out to see it under the glass , originally. It took away the authenticity somehow , and I found it smaller than I imagined, although the craftsmanship and the femininity is captivating 🤗😘🌿☀️

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