Poem by an aspiring Guest Writer. After reading this writing, I really want to visit again and taste my absolute favorite treat ~ Buttery Croissants: 🥐🥐🥐

⛲️ France, an incredibly ancient, multi-cultured country

Spread out like jam on bread

The scent of pastries

Flying through the air

Excitement filled the atmosphere

Widened eyes

Ready to see a new culture

French words circling

Around my listening ears

Oh France, how wonderful you are.⛲️



🥐 Trying new foods




And looking

At street music and dance

Glorious paintings

Along with a new taste of music

Old, bumpy roads with ancient buildings laying upon them

Oh France, how wonderful you are.🥐


⚜️ I love to come back

With new words

Clinging to my brain

Old buildings inviting me

To embrace its past

The wind whistling

like chirping birds

A vibrant country

That I’d love to revisit

Oh France, how wonderful you are. ⚜️


Well, maybe its time for a new travel journey?

Until next time,


The guest writer expressed the desire to remain anonymous. None of the pictures belong to

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